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Sayoko Kobayashi


Sayoko Kobayashi received the Bachelor of Arts degree from the Department of Music, Nihon University College of Art. She worked as a lecturer at Yamaha Music School before moving to Canada to study piano. She has studied under Fusako Sumikura, Akira Jinno, Bruce Vogt, and Michelle Mares. 

Since her return to Japan, she has been playing at various concerts and teaching piano to students from Japan and abroad, such as the US, France, Palestine, and India.


日本大学芸術学部音楽学科ピアノコース卒業後、ヤマハ音楽教室ピアノ講師として勤務。その後、カナダ・ヴィクトリアへ留学し、ピアノを学ぶ。 帰国後、日本人・外国人へのピアノ指導を中心に、演奏活動を行う。これまでに、角倉英子、神野明、Bruce Vogt、Michelle Mares各氏に師事。

また、杉並区荻窪では、ピアノ講師の母親と共に、小林ピアノ教室を開催。日本人の生徒を中心に指導を行う。(ホームページ http://piano-workshop.net/myj/kobayashi/)