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The Academy

The Academy

Welcome to Sayo Piano Academy!

We offer piano lessons at your place in both English and Japanese, mainly in Shibuya-ku area (Yoyogi-Uehara, Yoyogi-Koen, Shibuya, Daikannyama, Meiji-jingumae).

Please feel free to contact us for the details!

こんにちは、Sayo Piano Academy です。渋谷区を中心に、ピアノの出張レッスンを行っています。




For the early beginners (age 4~5),we teach not only the basic music skills but also rhythm and singing.

For the intermediate students, we focus on reading notes so that they will be able to play songs on their own, without a teacher in the future. Also we work on music theory and sight reading.

Also, we organize a students' piano concert once a year. Students from various countries, such as U.S.A, France, India, and Palestine participate and perform their pieces.





Fees and Details

3500 yen/30min  4800yen/45min  6000yen/60min (transportation fee not included)

  ・In either English or Japanese

  ・Short-term lessons accepted

  ・Lessons for ABRSM available

  ・Adults also welcome (only women)

  ・Live performance at your request. Please contact for details.


3500/30分 4800/45分 6000/60分 (交通費は別途いただきます)